On The Move

December 28 
7 am

Q: Cheegan
Pax: Hurricane, Yankee, Ginger Spice, Hobbit

We circled Boyd Lee 4 times, completing 100 reps of an exercise during each lap:
We did 100 squats
100 push ups
100 crunches
100 side lunges

Altogether completed 2 miles!

Looking for BIG things in 2020

AMRAP up 2019

Q: Hobbit
PAX: Ginger Spice, Hotwheels,  AD, Inch Worm (FNG, Melissa)

Warm up:  Run/Weighted Walk ½ Pie (½ loop)

Part 1

20 seconds high knees

25 secs pushups

30 secs squat jumps

35 secs mountain climbers

40 secs tricep dips

45 secs jumping jacks

50 secs push ups

45 secs walking lunges

40 secs tricep dips

35 secs imperial walkers

30 secs plank

25 secs burpees

20 secs side lunges

Part 2 AMRAP

Each round is 5 minutes

10 lunges (each leg)

10 shoulder taps

25 side crunches (each side)


10 thrusters (with weights)

10 side bi cep curls

25 high knees

10 Sumo Squats (with weight)

10 inch worms

25 mountain climbers

The Terrible Two's

December 26, 2019

Q- Ginger Spice

PAX- Hobit, Queso, Hot Wheel

Warm Up 

Run for 2 minutes

2 minutes of squats

2 minutes of lunges

Rest 2 minutes 

Run 2 minutes

2 minute plank

2 minutes of burpees

Rest 2 minutes 

Run 2 minutes

2 minutes of biceps

2 minutes of triceps

Rest 2 minutes 

20 Fire Hydrants (each leg)

20 Donkey Kicks (each leg)

20 Sit Down/Stand ups

20 Bird Dogs (each leg)

20 Superwoman 

PAX choice abs (done in increments of 20).

12 Days of FiA

Q: Hobbit 
PAX: Smacknally, Ginger Spice, Clutch, Hurricane, Blue Angel

it's like a Chistmas Tree

Q: Hobbit
PAX: Ginger Spice, Cheegan, Wedding Singer


Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Q:  Ginger Spice

PAX:  Cheegan, Chicken Pot Pie (2.0), Blue Angel, Wedding Singer

After a quick warm up, we started our workout.  It was a cold moght so I promised to keep everyone moving.


100 push ups

200 crunches

300 squats

While partner runs to first cone and does 1 burpee and then to 2nd code for 2 burpees and then to the 3rd cone for 3 burpees then back.

Part 2

30 calf raises

30 Imperial walkers

30 squat jumps

Run x3

30 penguins

30 heels to heaven

30 flutter kicks

Run x3

3 minute plank

COT, Name O Rama

Thanks Ladies!!

Never Miss A Monday

Monday night @ Paramore park
6pm - 12/16/19

Although I was late to upload the workout went quick! It was great seeing everyone again after being gone for a while due to injury. In true fashion we began with a warm up and a 10 minute round of cardio!

Once we were back we got down to business! Each exercise was done for a minute


  • flutter kicks
  • pilates hip raises 
  • toe touches 
  • pilates leg raises 
  • pilates toe taps 
  • Russian twists 
  • penguins 
  • plank
  • inchworms 
  • scissor kicks 
  • reverse crunches 
  • tricep dips 
  • bicep curls 
  • table top hold
  • front dumbbell raise
  • bent over row
  • peck fly
  • hammer curls 
  • pull up your pants 
  • side curls 
  • scarecrow extensions 
  • plank 
We stretched out and called it a night! Thank you again for those who showed up :) 
Hobbit, Wedding Singer, Blue Angel, Clutch, and Bad Wolf

Signing out- Sketch

Ocean Abs and Resistance Bands

December 14, 2019
Q: Ginger Spice
PAX:  Blue Angel
Whew!  It was a gloomy morning but two PAX gathered to get our workout on!
Ocean Abs
60 second plank/10 big girl sit ups
50 second plank/15 bicycle crunches 
40 second plank/20 leg raises
30 second plank/25 russian twists
20 second plank/30 reverse crunches
10 second plank/35 dirty girls

I just bought some new resistance bands so Blue Angel and I tried them out.
25 Lat Pull Downs
25 Tricep Extensions
25 Bicep Curls
25 Shoulder Rotations
25 Fire Hydrants
25 Donkey Kicks
25 High Plank with Leg Lifts
25 Hip Abductions

All in all the resistance band are a good substitute for weights and easier to carry.  They felt a little funky during some of tbe exercises and may pinch your legs if you don't have long pants on but overall it was a good workout.

Thanks Blue Angel for coming out!!

The Three Musketeers


Run to Light & Back

Round 1

Plank Side Kicks (L)
Plank Side Kicks (R)
Diamond Sit-Ups
Russian Twists
1M Plank
Side-Shuffle to fence & back

Round 2

Tricep pulses Side-To-Side
Should Presses
Tricep Pulses up & down
Tricep Pulses, alternating
Chicken Wings
Lunge to fence & back

Round 3

Plank L/R lifts
Knee Cross Crunches
Plank Saws
Push Ups
Plank Jacks

Sometimes when you're in a dark place, it feels like you've been buried. In reality, you've been planted.

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11

The ABCs of Exercise

Q: Hobbit
PAX: Wedding Singer. Hurricane,  Ginger Spice,  Volunteer ( respect), Ghirardelli 
note: we did a weighted walk in lieu of the walking lunges and did not have time for the last run.


Q: Cheegan
Pax: Wedding Singer, AD, Blue Angel, Ginger Spice, Hobbit, Yankee, Heavy J
December 7th 2019, 7 am

The Thang: Each round was done in counts of 5 reps, then 10 reps, then 15 reps, and finally 20 reps

5 10 15 20 

Round 1:
Reverse crunch

Bicycles 1 min

Round 2:
on Hand/knee, bringing opposite knee to elbow- right
Same left
Bird dogs

Bicycles 1 min

Round 3:
Russian twist
Sit up
Toe touches

Bicycles 1 min

Arms: Round 1
Bicep curl straight
Bicep curl side
Shoulder press

Pushups 25

Round 2:
Tricep dip
Dolphin push ups
Arm circles

Pushups 25

We Got Legs!

December 4, 2019
Q- Ginger Spice
Pax- Cheegan, Wedding Singer
The Thang
Warm up
10 minute run
100 Squats
90 Walking Lunges 
80 Mountain Climbers
70 Sumo Squats 
60 Calf Raises
50 Dirty Girls 
40 Curtsy Lunges
30 Fence Step Ups
20 Jump Squats
10 Burpees
Run to the fence and back.
Finished up with some stretching and the COT
Thanks ladies!

Here’s to December


Q: lil Sebastian Pax: wedding singer, ginger spice, hobbit, hurricane, clutch, bad wolf 

Warm up: March in place/swing arms, toe touches, 10 jumping jacks in cadence, run to the light

The thang: 

Set #1

15 burpees

20 lunges (each side)

25 shoulder press

30 jump squats

1 minute plank

Run to the fence 

Set #2

15 pushups

20 curtesy lunges (each side) 

25 bicep curls 

30 sumo squats 

1 minute side plank

Run to the fence 

Set #3

15 mountain climbers (1-1)

20 side lunges (each side)

25 tricep extensions 

30 squats 

1 minute side plank (opposite side)

Run to fence 
Abs: each person named an ab excersise to do and we went around twice. 
Finished with a picture and a quote! 

I'm Late, I'm Late!!

November 30, 3019

Q: Hobbit
PAX: Ginger Spice, Yankee
Warm Up: "around the bases with squats, running, and lunges
  • The Thang:

  • 50 JJs

  • 20 Tricep dips (or extensions)

  • 50 Step Ups (1:2)

  • 20 Speed Skaters (1 is 1)

  • 2 minute wall sit

  • 20 burpees

  • 50 Peter Parkers 

  • 20 Star Crunches (2 is 1)

  • 50 JJs

  • 20 Push Ups

  • RUN Big Wedge of Pie

  • Back to Round the Bases with various exercises

I left my phone at home so we had no quote and no picture.  #Qfail


Q: Caliente 

Pax: Hobbit, Half-Pint, Ginger Spice

I LOVE this weather!!  Cold enough for sleeves but nothing heavy...at least for me!!  I have been missing my FiA family and was glad to be back out this morning!  

We warmed up and got to it!!

The thang:

Dora Arms
100 overhead press
200 triceps
300 bicep curls

Lt dans
1 Squats=4 lunges 
I feel like Lt. Dan...I have no legs!!!

5 Big Girl Sit ups
10 Leg lifts
15 In & outs
20 Mtn Climbers
25 Plank with Hip Dips
30 Scissor Kicks

FiA Love,

Planks-giving!! 11/29/19

It’s was chilly but what a beautiful morning!  I have been missing FiA but the struggle has been real!  Thankful this morning for Yankee coming out to keep me company and accountable.

Here’s what went down!

Warmed up by walking a wedge of the track.

The thang:

10 sec plank

10 plank jacks

20 sec plank

20 squats

30 sec plank

30 crunches

40 sec plank

40 lunges

50 sec plank

50 bicycles

60 sec plank

60 JJ

60 sec plank

60 mtn climbers

50 sec plank

50 flutter kicks

40 sec plank

40 side lunges

30 sec plank

30 sit ups

20 sec plank

20 squats

10 sec plank

10 burpees. (We decided to skip the burpees today and did a full lap).

Pre-Turkey Time 11/27

Q: Hobbit

Pax: Ghirardelli,  Ginger Spice, Wedding Singer, Cheegan

The Thang:

Warm Up (Arm Circles, Windmills, High Knees/Butt Kicks, 10 step ups total, 3 

Round 1 x 3

24 Big Girl Sit ups

24 Squats

24 Walking Lunges (24 out and 24 back in)

RUN (5 mins after each round )

Round 2 x 2

24 Push Ups

24 Reverse Crunches

24 Bear Crawls ( 24 out and 24 back in)

RUN (to fence and back after each round)

Ended with a picture and what we are thankful for. 

Throw In The Towel


The Q: Hot Wheel
The PAX : Blue Angel, APR, ACE, Scribe Respect, Twinkle Toes Thanks for showing up ladies! Not to often I make it to the gloom. When I do though, I leave feeling so accomplished. Start or end your day with FiA! The THANG We did a quick in cadence warm up to get ready for BLIMPS around the track. Burpee 5 Lunges 10 each side Imperial Walkers 15 Merkins (hand release pushups) 20 Plank Saw 25 Squats 30 From start run first .25 of track and do BLIMPS run back to start. Turn around and run to .50 of the track do BLIMPS run back to start. Turn around run to .75 of the track to BLIMPS the plan was to run back but to stick to being on time we ran the last .25 to start. We did penguins in cadence with a crunch on the count, then reverse bicycles in cadence with heels to heaven on the count, last was Russian twists in cadence with a toe touch on the count.

Monday Madness


Q- Sketch

PAX- Blue Angel, Bad Wolf, Clutch, Hobbit, Wedding Singer

The Thang:

So it was finally starting to clear up after all of the rain we had been dealing with however I had planned for a shelter workout so we stuck with it. Thank you to all the ladies for bringing your lights!

We began with a warm up of arm circles, windmills, high knees and butt kickers. Then we moved on to some jumprope moves. Each move was 30 seconds long.

  • both feet slow
  • both feet fast
  • left leg only
  • right leg only
  • both feet fast
  • both feet slowly
  •  both feet side to side
  • both feet fast
  • both feet side to side 
  • both feet fast
Next we moved into 4 rounds of exercises

Round #1
  • 30 smurf jacks
  • 20 reverse crunches
  • 10 dolphin pushups
1 minute of run in place

Round #2
  • 30 donkey kicks (both legs kicked up at the same time like a tuck jump)
  • 20 bicycle crunches (1:1)
  • 10 plank up downs 
2 minutes of run in place

Round #3
  • 30 lunges
  • 20 burpees
  • 10 big girl sit ups
3 minutes of run in place

Round #4 
  • 30 solid gold fire hydrants (1:1)
  • 20 push ups 
  • 10 star jumps
4 minutes of run in place

Winter Hurricane


AD, Bad Wolf, Clutch, Blue Angel, Hobbit, Ginger Spice, Sketch, Cheegan, Twinkle Toes

The Thang:

25 each, 2 sets:
Push up
Step ups

Side steps 12 ea
Sit ups
One leg squats 12 ea

Flutter kicks
Russian twists
Plank shoulder taps

One leg calf raises

Plank pyramid
1 min, 45, 30, 15

Four Corners

Image may contain: 9 people, including Sharon Meeks Carroll, Mary Kathryn Hurst, Crystal S Hildenbrand and Laura Neal Brown Sisson, people smiling, outdoor

October 2, 2019

Bad Wolf

The Pax:
Clutch, Twinkle Toes, Ghiradelli, Ginger Spice, Mude Pie, Queso, Lil' Sebastian, Wedding Singer

The Thang:

Each corner of the shelter was dedicated to a different body part. We did 25 reps of 4 different exercises at each corner.

  • Abs
    • Crunches
    • Bicycles
    • Penguins
    • Diamond Sit-Ups
  • Arms
    • Scarecrows
    • Push Ups
    • Reverse Flys
    • Chicken Wings
  • Legs
    • Squats
    • Walking Lunges
    • Donkey Kicks
    • Solid Gold Fire Hydrants
  • Cardio
    • Plank Janks
    • Mountain Climbers
    • Imperial Walkers
    • Skaters

Closed with Name-O-Rama and the following quote:

You get what you work for, not what you wish for.

FiA ENC Greenville Regional chedule