Look What I Learned in Quarantine !!

Q: Ginger Spice
PAX:  Wedding Singer, Survivor,  Hot Wheels,  Volunteer (RESPECT), Hurricane,  Splits (RESPECT RESPECT), Iron

COVID 19 Update - May 19, 2020

FiA ENC Greenville is BACK and IN PERSON! But, a little different, like everything else in the world. Please read and agree to the below information regarding resumed workouts.

Also, please note the following two schedule changes:
1. 8:00 am workouts only until June. 
2. Monday morning workouts have been canceled for the time being. 

We are back

May 18, 2020
Q: Hot Wheels
PAX: volunteer, half pint, hot wheels, AD, survivor, paint it purple, hobbit, wedding singer, Ginger Spice, Ghirardelli.

WE ARE BACK!! After 8 some weeks of zoom we are back and socially distanced, but together!

We did three sets of 11s first exercise was out our mat and then we ran to the second tree to do the second exercise.

Burpees / Hallelujah

Pushups / squats  

Big girl sit-ups/ calf raises 

We closed with this quote on the third anniversary of our friend Nelson Coopers passing, to us Papa Smurf. 

The ABC'S of FiA

After almost 9 weeks away from each other, we finally met face to face and it was so good to see each other:

PAX:  Paint it Purple, Hurricane, AD, Wedding Singer, Mudpie, Queso, Volunteer (RESPECT), Hot Wheels, Half Pint, Hobbit, Blue Angel, Smacknally

After a quick warm up, we got down to the ABC's of FiA.
Do each exercise for 1 minute, 10 sec rest in between.
A arm circles 
B bicep curls 
C crunches
D dead lifts
Run/walk 5 minutes
E elevator squats
F fire hydrants
G goblet squats
H high knees
Run/Walk 4 minutea
I imperial walkers
J jumping jacks
K kicks (front)
L lunges (walking)
Run/walk 3 minutes
M merkins aka push ups
N nothing - 1 minute break
O obliques - standing side to side
P plank
Run/ Walk 2 minutes
Q quick/fast feet
R reverse fly
S squats with overhead press
T tricep extension
U upright rows
Run/walk 1 minute
V v-sits aka defenders 
W wall sit
X x-abs aka scissor kicks
Z zen aka stretching 

Thanks for coming out this morning and welcome back!  

Technical difficulties

April 9, 2020
(Forgot to post! Sorry!)
Q: lil Sebastian 
Pax: ginger spice, wedding singer, hobbit, ghiradelli

The workout started with technical difficulties. Not everyone could get on the zoom and I tried to create a different one but couldn’t get it to work at first I almost gave up but we finally got it figured out and I’m so glad we did! 

The thang:
Start the circuit by performing each of the exercises 10 times. Once completed, do each exercise 9 times and continue decreasing each circuit by one until down to 1 rep per circuit. Completed equals a total of 550 reps.

1) Jumping Jacks

2) Mountain Climbers

3) Plank jump ins

4) Donkey Kicks

5) Crunches

6) Russian Twists

7) Bicep Curls

8) Tricep Kickbacks

9) Front Raises

10) Squats

Made it from 10-1 and then 1-5 before we called it for time 

May the 4th Be With You

5/4/2020 @6pm
Q- Clutch, Wedding Singer

Never Miss a Monday

4/20/2020 @6pm
Q- Sketch
Pax- wedding singer, hurricane, magic hat, Hobbit, hot wheels, Ghirardelli, clutch, Care Bear, volunteer, ginger Spice
The day may have started out drizzling and dreary but it ended with sunshine and smiles! 

Warm up

-Move then hold- (1 min, 2xs through)
*Bridge alternate toe then knee touch and alternate legs
*Hold a reverse plank with legs extended strait
*donkey kick then pulse and alternate legs
*hold traditional plank
*4 mountain climbers (1:2) then squat back
*hold standing sumo squat
*standing side crunch alternate with cross crunch alternate sides
*hold chair pose

-Arms- (30 seconds, 2 xs through)
*Dumbbell punches
*tight arm circles
*tricep dips or extensions
*weighted front raise
*weighted side raise
*standing rows

-Abs- (1 min)
*Reverse crunches
*v sit hold with arm pulse
*Reverse plank leg drop with pulse 
*other leg

*2 step sideways squat walkthen stand to calf raise (repeat back and forth)
*Jack jacks ( jumping jack to plank jack)
*Jump rope

Never Miss a Monday

Zoom workout at 6pm on 4/6/2020
Q: sketch 
Pax:hot wheels, volunteer, wedding singer, Hobbit, half pint, magic hat, clutch, Ghirardelli, AD, hurricane! So we all came together and watched a crazy storm blow through leaving behind a beautiful rainbow! 

 We began our workout with a warm up of jumping jacks, high knees, butt kickers, and arm circles. Once everyone was warm we began our circuit! 

Circuit 1:
25 weighted squats
25 kettlebell swings 
26 back lunges with shoulder press
Run in place for 1 min
Repeat 3xs

Circuit 2:
20 Chest press on floor
20 plank rows
20 bicep curls with shoulder press
Run in place for 1 min
Repeat 3xs

Circuit #3
25 big girl sit-ups
25 reverse crunches
26 star crunches 
Run in place for 1 min
Repeat 3xs

And with that we were done!! 

Socially Distanced Ocean Abs

Date: 4/1/20
Q: Clutch/Hot Wheels
PAX: Hot Wheels, Hook, Wedding Singer, Hurricane, Magic Hat, Blue Angel, Statster, Ghirardelli

Warm up: 
1 min jumping jacks
1 min jump ropes
1 min jump squats
1 min high knees
1 min butt kicks

Get your Stop watch ready!

60s plank
10 star sit-ups (20 total)
50s plank
15 Bicycles (30 total)
40s plank
20 leg raises
30s plank
25 Russian twists (50 total)
20s plank
30 heels-to-heaven
10s plank
35 bridges

1 min run/run-in-place

Repeat 30 times! ;) jk, 2-3 times

(Virtual) Total Body Workout

Date: March 19, 2020

Q: Bad Wolf

PAX: Clutch, Wedding Singer, Nerds, Ghiradelli, Ginger Spice

COVID might keep us apart, but it won't stop us! Shout out to these awesome PAX for joining in a virtual workout with me tonight.

Warm Up:
1 minute each Jumping Jacks+Windmills

Repeat Following Sets x2

6ft Apart

Date: 3/16/2020
Q: Hot Wheels 
PAX: Hobbit,  Ginger Spice, Cork, Wedding Singer, Ewalk, Ghirardelli, Volunteer Respect, Traverse , Hurricane 

Warm up
Jumping jacks, windmills, high knees, arm circles 

The Thang 
10 squats
10 lunges each side 
10 jumping jacks 
10 high knees 

20 imperial walkers  
20 hand released push ups
20 bird dogs 
20 donkey kicks each side - one leg

30 starfish crunch 
30 reverse crunch 
30 sit ups 
30 spider mans 

We ended with 10 burpees, not because anyone broke the 6ft rule and some yoga to stretch. 

Love you ladies! Check on your friends and neighbors. ASK how they are doing, how life is, how work is going. 

Keep strong and motivated! 

FiA Response to COVID-19

Saturday 3/14

Q: Hot Wheels 
PAX: Ginger Spice, Breezy, Volunteer, AD, Wedding Singer, Hobbit, Blue Angel, Sugar Baker 

Happy Birthday Breezy!!! 

Put some gangster rap on and start warmup! Hey!! I’m not a professional modify as needed!

AMRAP  10 minutes 
5 burpees 
10 planks weighted crossovers 
15 sit ups with weight over head 
20 squats 

AMRAP 10 minutes 
Bear crawl to tree, lunge to tree, bear crawl to tree repeat

Wall sit  while first person does 5 hand release pushups and move down the line. Everyone did 5, 10, 15! 

We will continue our workouts as usual minus partner workouts. plz PLEASE do not come if you have been sick or someone in your home has been sick. 

FiA love! 
Hot Wheels 

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 32!

March 9, 2020Q: Lil Sebastian Pax: mud pie, queso, ghirardelli, hurricane, bad wolf, dottie, volunteer (respect), ewok, sketch, bueller, boss baby, blueprint, river rat (respect) (FNG), clutch, ginger spice, hot wheels, cork (FNG)
We were all happy to have daylight back and good weather! We had a large group of awesome ladies, including 2 FNGs!
Warm up - We started the workout with our balance exercises to get our 3 minutes in for the March challenge!

Hip stretches (bend over, bend knee, switch)

Crossbody balance (leg back opposite arm out)

Pointed toe balance (calf raise) - close eyes if just balancing seemed too easy 

Leg point and reach (leg out and back)

Knee cross (bent knee cross arms opposite direction)

Single leg balance - arms out, left, right, both 

Hip rolls Arm circles 

The thang - I turned 32 yesterday, so we did 10 different exercises with 32 reps! Thanks for helping me celebrate! 

32 squats

32 bicep curls 

32 lunges (16 each side)

32 tricep dips or overhead tricep ext

32 Mountain Climbers (1-1)

32 donkey kicks (16 each side)

32 plank touch opposite shoulder (16 each side)

32 penguins (1-1)

32 dirty girls

32 chest press 

1 minute wall sit
Made it through twice!

Weighted walk around the loop or run the loop 2x
Stretched it out.
Finished with naming 2 FNGs, a quote, and a picture!https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1hLrFESOg9IUNcORXZWgV_y0NGpfIM89Khttps://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1iNfCCbzEmAITD1TJP_q4p60FXo5evsD0

A Little Rain Doesn't Stop Us!

Date: March 5, 2020

Q: Bad Wolf

Pax: Hobbit, Twinkle Toes, Clutch, Ginger Spice


Toy Soldiers
Run to Light

The Thang

Tabata rounds: 1 minute of exercise, 15 second rest

Round 1

Plank Side Kicks (L)
Plank Side Kicks
Diamond Sit-Ups
Russian Twists
1M Plank

Side-Shuffle to treeline & back

Round 2

Tricep pulses Side-To-Side
Should Presses
Tricep Pulses up & down
Tricep Pulses, alternating
Chicken Wings

Lunge to treeline & back

Round 3

Plank L/R lifts
Knee Cross Crunches
Plank Saws
Push Ups
Plank Jacks

Run to the Light & Back

Round 4

Bicep Curls
Hammer Curls

Get your Groove On

March 4 2020
Q: Hobbit 
PAX:chicken pot pie, ravioli goalie, wedding singer, ginger spice, pivot, volunteer, mud pie, queso, boss baby, ewok, blue angel, cheegan, hot wheels, and twinkle toes 
added wall sit to Take on Me
Stretch to Careless Whisper


Monday March 2nd 

Q:Wedding Singer
Pax: Traverse, Ginger Spice, Twinkle Toes, Boss Baby, Volunteer, Cheagan, Ginger Spice, FNG(Ewok), Mud Pie, Queso, and Pivot. 

The thing. 

7am rise and shine 🌞

Q- Sketch
Pax- Yankee, Ginger Spice, Hurricane
Boyd Lee @7am
We warmed up and made sure we were stretched then ran the loop

Round 1 (1 min for each exercise)
-squat floor touches
-speedy step ups on curb 
- mountain climbers
- speed skaters

Then grapevine 2xs

Round 2 (1 min for each exercise)
-uppet cuts
-forward punches

Then frog leap

Round 3 (1 min for each exercise)
-big girl sit-ups
-standing side crunch
-dirty girls

Then side shuffling

Run the loop


It's a Pyramid Scheme!

Q:  Ginger Spice
PAX:  Volunteer. Cheegan, Twinkle Toes, Hobit, Wedding Singer

Never miss a Monday

Q- Sketch
Pax- Clutch, Bad Wolf, Half Pint, Boss Baby, Wedding Singer, Hurricane
Paramore @6pm

We warmed up and made sure we were stretched out before tackling a doozy of a workout! We grabbed a partner and got down to it!

Dora 123
-100 burpees
-200 curtsy lunges
-300 reverse crunches

Minute Madness
- tricep dips arm extension
- bicep curls side punch
- pulse squats
- one legged dirty girls
- plank toe touch
- jack jacks
- high knees
- arm upper cut
- big girl sit-ups
- scissors



Let's Try Somthing New

Q:  Ginger Spice
PAX:  Cheegan, Half Pint, Dottie, Twinkles Toes, Wedding Singer, Blue Angel,Chicken Pot Pie 2.0, Ravioli Goalie 2.0

Kettlebell Rounds

Saturday, Feb 15th, 8:00 am

Q: Bad Wolf

Pax: Clutch, Hot Wheels, Ginger Spice, Hobbit, Half Pint 

Tabata Rounds: 1 exercise for 1 minute, 15 secs rest

KB Exercises

Round 11. Around the Bodies

2. Bent Rows

3. Dead Lifts

4. Figure 8s


Run the Loop

Round 2

5. KB Swings

6. Front Squats

7. Single Leg Deadlift

8. Side Bends


Run the Loop

Saturday Sunrise

2/8/2020 @ Boyd LeeQ- Sketch
Pax- Yankee, Ginger Spice, Hobbit, Cheegan, Dynamite, and Wedding Singer

AMRAP (15 min)
10- standing jumping jack to plank jacks
10- plank to mountain toe touch 1:1
10- reverse crunches
10- star jumps
Run the pie

Shelter!! x2
10- tricep dips arm extension (1:1)
20- step-ups 1:1
30- crunches with feet tucked crunch
1 min Wall sits 
1 min Hand stands

1 min Reverse plank

Butt what? X2
10 each leg Inner/outer donkey kicks
10 each leg Solid gold fire hydrants


Tapped Out Tuesday

Tapped Out Tuesday

February 4, 2020

Q: Smacnally
Pax: Scribe, Hot Tub, Semi-Sweet, Heavy J, Breezy, APR, Yankee, ACE, Sugar Baker

Warm Up: Good mornings; JJ, High Knees, Butt Kickers and Arm Circles forward/back

The Thang: Complete each round and run to the end of the loop and back

Short, Long, Longest

Q: lil Sebastian 
PAX: dottie, pivot, hurricane, hobbit, twinkle toes, wedding singer, sketch, mud pie, ginger spice, britt, volunteer (respect), cookie, gridlock, cheegan
Friendly New GUY 2.0 - my nephew, Kaden joined us but disappeared before the picture. He was given the name Springs!

I like to end my Qs with a quote and today, I was having a bad afternoon and in my feelings and found this...So instead of ending with it, I started with it and asked the PAX to share their joys while we did our planks! It was such a mood booster to hear the good things going on in everyone’s lives! Thank you ladies again for sharing your joys with me! 

Warm up: get moving, high knees, toy soldiers, arm circles, stretch 

The Thang:
This workout was inspired by FiA Cherokee! I kept the format the same but switched some of the exercises! It was a good, sweaty one! 
So we did this tabata style. First exercise 30 seconds (short), second 45 seconds (long), third 60 seconds (longest), then a 60 second plank. 5 second break between each exercise and 15 second break after the plank.
Pushups/shoulder press/bicep curls/plank
Monkey humpers/jump squats/lunges/plank
Toe touches/defenders/LBCs/plank
Jumping jacks/butt kickers/jump rope/plank
Hallelujahs/squats/Russian twists/plank 

We made it through twice. All these AMAZING PAX did 10 - 1 minute planks! ROCKSTARS!

Stretched it out. 
Finished with a picture. https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1Gt1snu1UTgaerDQIFFZwxP1MwplKoM8r

Combo Queens

2/1/2020 @Boyd Lee

Q- Sketch
Pax- hot tub, Hobbit, kazoo, ginger Spice, Yankee, cheegan
It has been a very hard week for me and many of my FiA sisters. I have had days where I want to hide under a blanket and escape but it's days like this that help me through. I know that the hardest part is putting my shoes on but once I lace those bad boys up I know it's go time. It's a constant choice I have to make but it becomes so clear when I roll up to a workout and see such positive supportive women that it's where I need to be. Y'all give me so much strength and purpose. I truly appreciate it.

Now with that mushy stuff out of the way let me show you how endorphins are the bomb. com

First we warmed up and the got down to it!

Run the look or run in place for 10 min

Combo Queens- 2 sets of 10
- standing jumping jack to plank jacks
- tricep dips arm extension (1:1)
- Superman crunch
- bicep curl to side arm punch


Butt YASSS- 1 set of 20 (1:2)
- stationary bridge with leg raise
- weighted step ups
- jump squats
- plank leg lifts
- one legged dirty girls

ABsolutely- 1 set of 20 (1:2)
- Spiderman with toe touch
- starfish crunch ( hug knees then spread out)
- inchworms
- Russian twists with weights
- apple pickers with weights



Fat Amy workout

The pax: CARE BEAR, Bad Wolf, Hobbit, Clutch, Ginger Spice, Volunteer, Blue Angel, Half Pint, Hotwheels

Warm up included high knees, butt kicks, toy soldiers, front/back arm circles.

The Thang :


Thursday January 30, 2020

Q: Wedding Singer

Pax: Hobbit, Blueprint, Ginger Spice, and Traverse


The Thang:

AMRAP in the Drizzle

Date: Monday, January 27, 2020

Q: Clutch (& Bad Wolf)

The Pax: Clutch, Bad Wolf, Wedding Singer, Hobbit, Sketch, Blueprint, Cheegan, Hot Wheels, Volunteer, Ginger Spice, Hurricane, Three Peat, Dottie, Pivot

The Thang: 

Sunrise at 7am 🌤️

Q- Sketch
Pax- Yankee, Blue Angel, Cheagan, Ginger Spice
Location- BLP
Date- 1/25
We started out the misty morning with a run around the loop  and then came back to know out a great workout!

Belly blaster:
10 big girl sit-ups
20 defenders
30 flutter kicks
40 second plank 
50 Russian twists
60 apple pickers
70 dirty girls
80 penguins
90 standing side crunch
100 crunches

Arms (first round was sets of 20 and second round was sets of 5 due to time)
-rotating scarecrows
- bicep curls to overhead press
- push-ups
- tricep dips with alternating arm reach

Legs (2 rounds of 40 sets or 20each leg)
-lunge front kick
-Outer donkey kicks
-Inner donkey kicks
-Sumo pulse squats
-Calf raises

We stretched and ended with a quote "live in the moments that consume your heart and mind, but be distracted by the music from the leaves, birds, wind, sun and people" - Val Uchendu

Double Circuits!!

January 23, 2020
Q:  Ginger Spice
Pax:  Half Pint, Hot Wheels, Cheegan, Hurricane, Dotty, Pivot, Wedding Singer

So I borrowed this workout from FiA Edenton.  Those ladies are on fire!!

Warm up:  Run to the light and back

Circuit 1 - Repeat for 8 minutes 
15 jump squats 
24 weighted walking lunges 
40 mountain climbers 
15 straight leg sit ups

Rest: 1 minute
Run to light and back; plank it out until everyone returns to the parking lot

Circuit 2- Repeat for 8 minutes
10 burpees
40 bicycle crunches 
20 push ups
20 sumo squats

Rest 1 minute 
Run to light and back; plank it out until everyone returns to the parking lot

Stretch,Name O Ramo


“It’s impossible,” said Pride.
“It’s risky,” said Experience.
“It’s pointless,” said Reason.
“Give it a try,” whispered the heart.