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Monday Madness


Q- Sketch

PAX- Blue Angel, Bad Wolf, Clutch, Hobbit, Wedding Singer

The Thang:

So it was finally starting to clear up after all of the rain we had been dealing with however I had planned for a shelter workout so we stuck with it. Thank you to all the ladies for bringing your lights!

We began with a warm up of arm circles, windmills, high knees and butt kickers. Then we moved on to some jumprope moves. Each move was 30 seconds long.

  • both feet slow
  • both feet fast
  • left leg only
  • right leg only
  • both feet fast
  • both feet slowly
  •  both feet side to side
  • both feet fast
  • both feet side to side 
  • both feet fast
Next we moved into 4 rounds of exercises

Round #1
  • 30 smurf jacks
  • 20 reverse crunches
  • 10 dolphin pushups
1 minute of run in place

Round #2
  • 30 donkey kicks (both legs kicked up at the same time like a tuck jump)
  • 20 bicycle crunches (1:1)
  • 10 plank up downs 
2 minutes of run in place

Round #3
  • 30 lunges
  • 20 burpees
  • 10 big girl sit ups
3 minutes of run in place

Round #4 
  • 30 solid gold fire hydrants (1:1)
  • 20 push ups 
  • 10 star jumps
4 minutes of run in place

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