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Thanks so much for checking out FiA ENC Greenville! We are a community of women who meet for free, peer lead workouts and so much more. Workouts are free and open to all women of any shape, size, fitness level, race, religion, etc. Whatever stage of fitness or life you are at, FiA is here to support and provide a completely judgement free zone! Please check out more about our region here, and our weekly schedule is here!

Go ahead and put Baby in the corner- she can dance anywhere!

Q: Ghirardelli

Pax: Cha-Cha, Gilbert, Ginger Spice, Hot Wheels, Hurricane, Longhorn, Macaroni 2.0, Miami, Semi-sweet (Respect), Trip, VonTrap, Wedding Singer, Carol (FNG-Tex Mex)




Warm Up: 10 JJ IC, 10 Butt Kicks IC, and 10 High Knees IC


1st Corner: 2X- 20 Bicep Curls, 20 Overhead Presses, 20 Tricep Curls


Mosey to 2nd Corner


2nd Corner: 2X- 22 Mt. Climbers on Steroids, 22 Monkey Humpers, 22 JJ with Toe Touch


Mosey to 3rd Corner


3rd Corner: 2X- 24 Broad Jumps (with 4 steps back in place), 24 Plank Jacks, 24 squats with twist


Mosey to 4th Corner


4th Corner: 1X due to time- 26 Side Lunges with three high knees in center, 26 Back Lunges with a kick in the center, 26 Front Lunges with Kick in the back (watch your balance)


Mosey to Home Base for Abs- 20 Up and Outs, 20 Up and V, 20 (1:1) Apple Pickers, 20 Crunches, and 20 Russian Twists


After stretching, we named an FNG- Welcome, Tex Mex to our Tribe! 


A reflection from Ghirardelli- We have to create a Culture of Care! In the past, when someone was going through something, we were taught not to get involved, that it was none of our business, and that "people should not air their dirty laundry". Today, we need to be courageous enough to get involved when someone is displaying signs of depression and/or anxiety so we can get them the help they need. People do not seek counseling or therapy due to negative stereotypes, causing them to fear what people might think of them if they go to talk to someone... or worse, they fear people will judge them for being diagnosed and/or taking prescription medication. This fear keeps them from getting the help they need; but if more people were willing to approach someone who is hurting and encourage them to at least start with counseling so they can talk to someone about their feelings and the unhealthy choices they are making, they can at least start the process of learning how to cope with the issues they are struggling with and learn how to make healthier choices that will finally help them heal.

Burn, Baby, Burn

Q:  Ginger Spice
PAX:  Geraldeli, VonTrap, Twinkle Toes, Wedding Singer, Murph, Alto, Trip, Roadblox(2.0), Gilbert, Preach (Respect)

Warm Up:
Run the straight away
10 jumping jacks
10 squat pulses
10 toy soldiers

Circuit 1 (6 minutes)
40 push ups
20 second plank

Circuit 2 (6 minutes)
40 weighted squats
20 second squat hold

Cardio Blast (3 minutes)
10 squats jumps
10 cross punches
10 touch jumps

Circuit 3 (6 minutes)
40 bicep curls to shoulder presses
20 second bicep hold

Circuit 4
40 scarecrows
20 second hold

COT.  Every PAX had to describe themselves with one word.  The word had to start with tbe first letter of their FiA name.

A Solid Workout

August 26, 2020
Q: Hobbit
PAX: Gilbert, Trip, Alto, Wedding Singer, Blue Angel, Twinkle Toes, Ginger Spice
warm up included a 7 minute run

Move it Monday

 Date: 8/24/20

Q: Hot Wheels 

PAX:  Preach Respect , Boss Baby, Hobbit, Bad Wolf, Red Velvet, Semi Sweet Respect, Survivor, Gilbert, Robox 2.0, Trip, Alto, Wedding Singer, Clutch, Ginger Spice, Ghirardelli, Hurricane, Emily  FNG, Silver Tiger. 

Warm up

40 high knees 

30 jumping jacks

10 Burpees 

30 jumping jacks

3 Rounds 

10 star pushups 

10 tricep pushups 

20 tricep extensions

20 bicep curls per side one at a time 

20 yards burpee to broad jump, run the straight and repeat with arms. 

Hold plank or run in with the six. 

3 rounds of: 

50 full weighted sit-ups 

100 elbow to knee crunch 

50 side crunches per side 

Always work hard. If tonight was easy up your weights, challenge yourself to run faster or push harder. Always challenge yourself. Make yourself better to you can help make others better.

Partner Up

Q: Hobbit 
Pax: Ginger Spice, Twinkle Toes, Murph, Trip, Gilbert,  Cha-Cha
wrapped up with a 10 minute run or weighted walk.

Fate in the Cards

 Date: August 6th, 2020, 6pm Paramore Park

Q: Spinner

Pax: Creed, Flower, Twinkle Toes, Ghirardelli, Wedding Singer, Hobbit, Preach, Cha Cha, Murph, Roblox, Trip, Gilbert

My favorite things...t

Date: 8/10/2020
Q: Hobbit
PAX: Bad Wolf, Clutch, Hotwheels, Hurricane, Cha-Cha, Ginger Spice
Ended with Pax Choices Arms Tabata

Super Sweaty Saturday


Q: Hot Wheels 

PAX: Ringmaster, Twerk, Gilbert, Trip, Blue Angel, Murph 

Quick warm up then did the thang: 

Ran the middle of the loop (parking to volleyball courts)

10 reps 3 sets 

Dumbbell overhead press

Bent over row 

Tricep extension 

Upright row 

Run the middle of the loop (parking to volleyball courts)

 3 sets 

10 step back lung/side 

10 fire hydrant/side 

10 donkey kicks /side 

10 squat jumps 

Core  x 3 

10 weighted full sit up 

10 leg raise w lift 

10 reverse with leg lift 

10 side crunch/ side

1 minute of burpees

Everyone rocked it! The air was so still and the sweat was flying! 

Great work! 

2 New Qs & Burpee's Evil Twin

2 new Qs, Brit and Murph, joined Half Pint for a total body Tabata workout.

Date: August 1 2020

Pax: Major Payne, Wedding Singer, Ginger Spice, Blue Angel, Hurricane, Volunteer, Paint it Purple, A.D.,Gilbert

Warm up=Butt kicks, high knees, jumping jacks, arm circles

Run to second intersection and back

Three Tabata sets 50 sec work/ 10 sec rest x 2

Arms - led by Brit

  • Bicep curls

  • Push ups 

  • Shoulder press

  • Tricep extension

  • Arm raises (front and side)

Run to second intersection 

Core- led by Murph

  • Plank shoulder taps

  • Leg raises

  • Mountain climbers 

  • Bicycle crunches 

  • Russian twist

Lower body - led by Half Pint

  • Single leg dead lifts (do other leg 2nd round)

  • Lunges w/ weight

  • Rolling squat (aka "Burpee's evil twin")

  • Weighted bridge

  • KB swings 

We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong ...