Welcome to FiA ENC Greenville!

Thanks so much for checking out FiA ENC Greenville! We are a community of women who meet for free, peer lead workouts and so much more. Workouts are free and open to all women of any shape, size, fitness level, race, religion, etc. Whatever stage of fitness or life you are at, FiA is here to support and provide a completely judgement free zone! Please check out more about our region here, and our weekly schedule is here!

About Our Region

FiA stands for Females in Action.  We are a community of women whose mission is to make each other stronger in all areas of our lives. This is accomplished through actions which focus on our bodies, minds, & hearts.

FiA has many regions over 11 states (check out the national page here) and this page is specifically for FiA ENC Greenville! We meet in Greenville NC and are open to all females of any age or fitness level or race or faith or...anything. Seriously, ALL ARE WELCOME!

Workouts are peer-led, completely free, and happen all year long, RAIN OR SHINE! You heard it correctly- FiA women can handle anything Mother Nature can throw at us.
(inclement weather policy here) (participation disclaimer and notice here)

Our region began in July of 2016 with an amazing group of over 60 women. While fitness brings us together initially, FiA is about so much more. We truly believe in our motto of "Better Together." While we occasionally throw FiA specific socials, it's not uncommon to see a "pack" of FiAs at local (or not so local) races or school events or trivia nights. That's the beauty of FiA- it provides a sense of community along with increasing your overall fitness level.

We would love for you to join us!

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