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Thirsty for FiA Thursday

Oops the flash was on 

1/27/22 - January will never end 

Q: Hot Wheels 

PAX: Croft, Wedding Singer, Ginger Spice, Spike, Bad Wolf

Warm up 

10 Jumping Jack IC

10 squats

10 Skaters

5 burpees

2 laps down and back 

The Thang:

Round 1:

7 (1,1) shoulder taps side shuffle down and back 

14 shoulder taps side shuffle down and back 

21 shoulder taps side shuffle down and back 

Plank for PAX

Round 2 

7 jump squats lunge down run back 

14 repeat down and back 

21 repeat down and back 


Round 3: 

7 (1,1) Russian Twists run down and back 

14 repeat 

21 repeat 

Hold plank for pax 

Round 4

7 Sit ups side shuffle down and back 

14 repeat 

21 repeat 

10  Hand release push-ups 

10 burpees 

10 side lunges/ side 

2 laps down and back 

10 mule kicks /side

10 fire hydrant/side

20 dirty girls 

2 laps down and back 

Side crunches and maybe a few other core exercises were tossed in there at the end 

Croft led us in some yoga 

We got some good laughs in! 

FiA love- Hot Wheels 

Never Miss a Monday

Q: Wedding Singer
Pax: Volunteer, Bad Wolf, Survivor, Ginger Spice, Hot Wheels, Digger, Hurricane, and Ink’ed. 


Death by Dirty Girl

Q;  Ginger Spice
PAX:  Survivor. Wedding Singer. Spike, Digger (Respect), Murph, Chicken Pot Pie (2.0), Blue Angel, Ink'd, Legal (Respect)
Warm Up
10 minute run 
Tabata 40 seconds of work/20 seconds rest
Hammer Curls
Upright Rows
Tricep Extensions 
Run parking lot backwards
50 dirty girls
64 second plank
More Tabata 
Bird Dogs
Run parking lot
50 dirty girls
More tabata
Side Leg Lifts 
Run parking lot back wards
50 Dirty Girls
1 minute wall sit
Stretching and cool down

I Didn't Die But I Almost Threw Up

 We celebrated FiA's 9th Anniversary and made it through this workout TOGETHER! 

Q ~ Survivor

Pax ~ Blue Angel, Ginger Spice, Traverse, Wedding Singer, & Spike

Dress as your FiA Name
Blue Angel, Spike, Traverse, & Survivor

First Monday of 2022!

Way to show up ladies on a cold Monday night.  I pulled out the pyramid workout to make sure everyone kept moving to stay warm and these ladies finished STRONG!  Thanks for joining me Digger "RESPECT", Bad Wolf, Volunteer "RESPECT", Ink'd "FNG", Clutch and Wedding Singer.  Welcome FNG, Ink'd!!!!  #bettertogether #StrongerTogether