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All that attitude!

 All that attitude! 


Q- Murph

Pax:  Bad Wolf, Clutch, Rapunzel, Blue Angle, and Murph

The thing:

  1. stretch - arm circles, over the fence, butt kicks, high knees

  2. magic number 40

    1. Arms 

      1. Arm circle

      2. Arm raises

      3. Prayer pulse

      4. Cobra push up

      5. Up downs

    2. Core

      1. reverse crunch

      2. Double leg lifts

      3. Ankle reach 

      4. Crisscross

      5. Roll up

    3. Butt

      1. Squat

      2. Donkey kick

      3. Fire hydrogen 

      4. Toe tap

      5. Bridge

  3. Circuit

    1. Weighted hula hoop

    2. Squat to press

    3. Lateral to front

    4. Calf raise

    5. Lunges

    6. Free Choice

  4. Cool down walk