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Never Miss A Monday

Monday night @ Paramore park
6pm - 12/16/19

Although I was late to upload the workout went quick! It was great seeing everyone again after being gone for a while due to injury. In true fashion we began with a warm up and a 10 minute round of cardio!

Once we were back we got down to business! Each exercise was done for a minute


  • flutter kicks
  • pilates hip raises 
  • toe touches 
  • pilates leg raises 
  • pilates toe taps 
  • Russian twists 
  • penguins 
  • plank
  • inchworms 
  • scissor kicks 
  • reverse crunches 
  • tricep dips 
  • bicep curls 
  • table top hold
  • front dumbbell raise
  • bent over row
  • peck fly
  • hammer curls 
  • pull up your pants 
  • side curls 
  • scarecrow extensions 
  • plank 
We stretched out and called it a night! Thank you again for those who showed up :) 
Hobbit, Wedding Singer, Blue Angel, Clutch, and Bad Wolf

Signing out- Sketch

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