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AMRAP up 2019

Q: Hobbit
PAX: Ginger Spice, Hotwheels,  AD, Inch Worm (FNG, Melissa)

Warm up:  Run/Weighted Walk ½ Pie (½ loop)

Part 1

20 seconds high knees

25 secs pushups

30 secs squat jumps

35 secs mountain climbers

40 secs tricep dips

45 secs jumping jacks

50 secs push ups

45 secs walking lunges

40 secs tricep dips

35 secs imperial walkers

30 secs plank

25 secs burpees

20 secs side lunges

Part 2 AMRAP

Each round is 5 minutes

10 lunges (each leg)

10 shoulder taps

25 side crunches (each side)


10 thrusters (with weights)

10 side bi cep curls

25 high knees

10 Sumo Squats (with weight)

10 inch worms

25 mountain climbers

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