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It Was a Hot One!!

We were 15 STRONG this morning for a PAX choice DORA, a little Ring of Fire and some Five and Dimes.  Welcome Giggles and The Professor to our awesome crew!  #bettertogether #fiaencgreenville

Q:  Ginger Spice
PAX:  Wedding Singer, AD, Gilbert, Giggles (FNG), Rajun Cajun, Updoo, Bacheta, The Professor (FNG), Murph, Blue Angel, Major Pain, Spike, Digger (Respect)  Hot Tub


 Monday, June 14

Q ~ Survivor

Pax ~ Ginger Spice, Blue Angel, Hobbit, Wedding Singer, Hurricane, Murph, Spike,  AVT

Strengthening Day


Q: Curly 

PAX: AD, Hot Tub, Spartan, Dancing Queen, Sherlock (FNG), and Veggie 


Warm-up (Good mornings, trunk twist, jog in place, Hallelujahs)

45 sec of each-

Dumbbell peck fly (with weights)

Bent over row (with weights)

Side dumbbell raises (with weights)

Skull crusher (with weights)


Wall sit (60 sec) 


45 sec of each-


Plank reach throughs

Bicycle Crunches

Side leg lifts 


10 reps of each-

"dirty girls" or bridges (with weights)

modified bridge with one leg less bent (to isolate one hip at a time) (with weights)

bridge pose with rotating hip taps to the ground 

REPEAT ALL MOVES AGAIN, however, have one member run the keyhole while all other members are doing the exercise. When the member returns, continue to the next exercise and the next member in the rotation proceeds to run the keyhole. Continue until all exercises have been completed. 


Never Miss a Monday

 Monday, June 7th

Q ~ Survivor

Pax ~ Hot Wheels, Ginger Spice, Hurricane, Prosecco, Pepperoni, Cha-Cha, Wedding Singer, and Hobbit