FiA Response to COVID-19

Here’s to December

Q: lil Sebastian Pax: wedding singer, ginger spice, hobbit, hurricane, clutch, bad wolf 

Warm up: March in place/swing arms, toe touches, 10 jumping jacks in cadence, run to the light

The thang: 

Set #1

15 burpees

20 lunges (each side)

25 shoulder press

30 jump squats

1 minute plank

Run to the fence 

Set #2

15 pushups

20 curtesy lunges (each side) 

25 bicep curls 

30 sumo squats 

1 minute side plank

Run to the fence 

Set #3

15 mountain climbers (1-1)

20 side lunges (each side)

25 tricep extensions 

30 squats 

1 minute side plank (opposite side)

Run to fence 
Abs: each person named an ab excersise to do and we went around twice. 
Finished with a picture and a quote!

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