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Good at the Core

Date: July 16th, 2020

Q: Spinner

Pax: Ginger Spice, Creed, Preach, Volunteer, Wedding Singer, Traverse, Twinkle Toes, Buzz, Major Payne

The Thang:

Warm up:

20 high knees 

20 standing side crunches 

20 jumping jacks 

Run/weighted walk two loops

AMRAP: 30 minutes. We did 8 rounds as a group 

20 triple crunches 

20 around the worlds

20 seated circles 

20 ankle taps

20 alternating toe touches 

20 flutter kicks 

20 scissor kicks 

1 loop run/weighted walk 

Happy Hour

Wednesday 7/29/2020
Q: Hot Wheels
Pax: Ghirardelli, Blue Angel, Flower, Volunteer -Respect, Gilbert, Murph, Wedding Singer, Ginger Spice, Preach- Respect

Did a quick warmup

AMRAP 10 minutes 
5 burpees 
10 planks weighted crossovers 
15 sit ups with weight over head 
20 squats 

AMRAP 10 minutes 10/side
20donkey kicks 
20side lunges 
20calf raises
20second squat hold 

AMRAP 10 Minutes 
15reverse crunch 
15starfish crunch 
15sit ups 
15 spider mans 

COT- Name o Rama 
Ended with a simple statement.
Make smart choices 

It’s only a minute!

What a beautiful morning!!!  
Pax: APR, Smacknally, Triumph, Mike’s Way, Volunteer (respect)
Q: Caliente 

We warmed up and got started.

We did 50 sec work 10 sec rest, 2 rounds 


High knees

Reverse lunges


Bicep curls

Mountain climbers 

Donkey kicks

Side lunges

Tricep extensions

Front kicks

Upright row

Plank jacks

Shoulder press

Speed skaters



Ab circuit 1 minute each  


Russian twists 


Bicycle crunches

COT, name-o-Rama, and prayer.
We celebrated Volunteer getting 20 workouts this month!!  Congratulations!!https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1LqGoMUhCjRBX3qeyG93Kvo4geqRRvPguhttps://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1wB_zLWOfS1v0E1DsPJ7ISQaFJNxnUXtkhttps://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1sJomAlpNO8AK5QjZ2v0t4Tsgt_8ZYTcP

Solo Dora

July 27 Paramore 6pm


As always I am thankful for you ladies!!  Temps were better this morning but the humidity is not going anywhere!!!
We warmed up and get to it!!

The thang:
We partnered up and did BLIMPS, DORA style!  One partner ran while the other did the exercise.  Each partner set completed the total number combined!!

50 Big girl sit-ups 

100 Lunges 

150 Imperial walkers 

200 Monkey humpers

250 Plank jacks

300 Squats
We stretched and closed!!  Great job Q: Caliente Pax:  Ginger Spice, Hot tub, Hobbit, Volunteer, AD

No Rain, No Gain

Q:  Ginger Spice
PAX:  Red Velvet, Clutch, Bad Wolf, Murph, Traverse, Volunteer, Wedding Singer

It’s so hot

7/20/20 6pm
Q: lil Sebastian 
Pax: Volunteer (respect), Ginger Spice, Ghiradelli, Murph, Wedding Singer, Hurricane, Hot Wheels, ChaCha (FNG), Twinkle Toes, Preach (respect)

It was extremely hot today. Heat index was 109 at the end of the workout 🥵🥵

So at the start, I did the normal announcement of 
I’m not a professional and modify as needed and also advised everyone to take additional breaks if needed and stay hydrated. We stayed in the shade and were fortunate to have a bit of a breeze. 

The thang:

We did a cardio HIIT workout so we started the first set with lower impact cardio to get warmed up.

45 Seconds Active, 15 Rest

Up & Over Steps

High Knee Pulls

Deadlift + Twist (bend to table top, stand up twist one way, bend to table top twist the other way)


3 count Butt Kicker Drops to squat

Smurf Jacks

Side lunge with toe touch


Plank Jack 

Countdown Squats (4 counts up 4 counts down)

High Knee Twists (elbow to knee)


90 second water break

Toy Soldiers

Center Hop Pushes (basically skaters and actively push arm out)

Dumbbell Chops (one side)


Jumping Jacks

Lateral Hops + Knee (curtsy lunge, bring knee up)

Dumbbell Chops (other side)


Alternating Lunge + Twist

Lat Pulldown + Standing Row (curtsy lunge)

2 twists + knee


Stretched it out 

We named an FNG! Wished ghiradelli a happy birthday! Did name-o-Rama and finished with a picture and a quote!


We're Movin' on Up

Q:  Ginger Spice 
PAX:  Wedding Singer,  Spinner, Hobit,  Volunteer( Respect )Twinkle Toes, Major Pain, Geraldeli, Preach (Respect) Traverse

Red, White, and Blue

Thursday, July 2nd 6 pm
Q: lil Sebastian 
PAX: cheegan, ringmaster, ginger spice, volunteer, spinner, creed
We started with a quick warm up then did the thang.Tabata - 50 seconds work (for the 50 stars on the flag) and 13 seconds rest (for the 13 stripes)R - reverse crunches E - explosive plank jacks D - donkey kicks 
W - wall sitH - high knees I - imperial walkersT - tricep dips E - elbow to knees (standing)
B - bridges L - little baby crunches U - up and down planks E - eagle sit ups 
11sJustice jumping jacks Stars and Stripes squats (Which are normal JJs and squats with theme appropriate names! Haha)
Wrapped up with a walk/run around the loop.
Finished with a quote and a picture!https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1JjdBUWY-XsqtpDWEZzthfzldwtqXlxOLhttps://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1OZN61Z3Z83076gtc72HWeHsGwhkmPBqW