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Ocean Abs and Resistance Bands

December 14, 2019
Q: Ginger Spice
PAX:  Blue Angel
Whew!  It was a gloomy morning but two PAX gathered to get our workout on!
Ocean Abs
60 second plank/10 big girl sit ups
50 second plank/15 bicycle crunches 
40 second plank/20 leg raises
30 second plank/25 russian twists
20 second plank/30 reverse crunches
10 second plank/35 dirty girls

I just bought some new resistance bands so Blue Angel and I tried them out.
25 Lat Pull Downs
25 Tricep Extensions
25 Bicep Curls
25 Shoulder Rotations
25 Fire Hydrants
25 Donkey Kicks
25 High Plank with Leg Lifts
25 Hip Abductions

All in all the resistance band are a good substitute for weights and easier to carry.  They felt a little funky during some of tbe exercises and may pinch your legs if you don't have long pants on but overall it was a good workout.

Thanks Blue Angel for coming out!!

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