The Q: Hot Wheel
The PAX : Blue Angel, APR, ACE, Scribe Respect, Twinkle Toes Thanks for showing up ladies! Not to often I make it to the gloom. When I do though, I leave feeling so accomplished. Start or end your day with FiA! The THANG We did a quick in cadence warm up to get ready for BLIMPS around the track. Burpee 5 Lunges 10 each side Imperial Walkers 15 Merkins (hand release pushups) 20 Plank Saw 25 Squats 30 From start run first .25 of track and do BLIMPS run back to start. Turn around and run to .50 of the track do BLIMPS run back to start. Turn around run to .75 of the track to BLIMPS the plan was to run back but to stick to being on time we ran the last .25 to start. We did penguins in cadence with a crunch on the count, then reverse bicycles in cadence with heels to heaven on the count, last was Russian twists in cadence with a toe touch on the count.

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