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10-min circuit

10-min Circuit

January 26th 2023

Q - Murph


Digger (Respect), Bad Wolf, Hot Wheels, Wedding Singer, Rapunzel 


Arm circles, good mornings, good evenings, butt kicks, over the fence (backward and forward).

The Thing

10 min circuit - 2X

  1. Jump Rope - 1 min

  2. Star Jumps - 30 sec

  3. Mountain Climbers - 1 min

  4. Push-ups - 30 sec

  5. Jump Lunges - 1 min

  6. Overhead squats (weight optional) - 1 min

  7. Squat hold with weight - 30 sec

  8. Jump Lunges - 1 min

  9. High Knee Jumps - 30 sec

  10. Plank - 1 min

  11. Crunches - 1 min

  12. High knee - 1 min

Run a down and back between each set.

Cool Down - Stretch


Last of 2022


At the bottom of the garage 7 times 

5 burpees 

10 push-ups 

 Weighted walk up  to next level 6 times 

5 jump squats 

10 lunges 

15squat thrusters 

Leave weights run down repeat bottom exercises 

Do this until you reach the top of the deck weighted walk down and repeat bottom exercises.

Great work ladies! Thanks for joining me for the last post of 2022! I hope 2023 brings good health and happiness to each of you.

FiA Love, 

Hot Wheels 

25 days of Christmas

25 days of Christmas

December 10, 2022

Q - Murph


Ginger Spice, Digger (respect), Wedding Singer, Spike, Volunteer (respect), and Murph


  • Stretch

The thing


It is often the small steps, not the giant leaps, that bring about the most lasting change. - Queen Elizabeth II

Happy December - No Jumping HIIT

Q - Heavy J

PAX - Hot Tub, Veggie, Rice Krispy


December 1, 2022

HIIT Workout (all standing, no jumping)

 Warm up (arm circles while stepping, knee circles, windmills, lunge and reach, run the keyhole)

 (50 sec on and 10 sec rest)

Step Out Knee Tuck

Squat Walk to Knee Drive

Grapevine Knee Drive

Press Up to Forward Squat

Up to Side Arm Reach (twist lunge)

Knee Drive Step Back (knee up then other leg lunge back)

Knee Drive with other leg

Side Step Leg Lift (to side)

Side Step with other leg

Knee Drive to Kick

Knee Drive to kick other leg

Curtsy lunge

Side Lunge

Squat Walk Reach Up

Hamstring Curl (kickback)

Heels Up Skinny Squats (arms in front)

Sumo Squat Heels Lift

Squat Pulses (2 left, 2 middle, 2 right)

Speed skaters

Knee Crunches and Punches (4 each)

Oblique Crunch w/ Kick

Oblique crunch other side

X Floor Touch

Star Knee Taps

Seal Step Out/In

Sumo Squat punches

Lateral Squat Walk (1 step to each side)

2 Side Steps & Clap under leg

Ankle Taps


Pax choice abs

Cool down/stretch




Never Miss a Monday!!!

Never Miss a Monday!  Thanks for coming out Spike, Wedding Singer, Ink'd, Hurricane, Digger RESPECT,  Blue Angel and T-Bone RESPECT!!!  #bettertogether #StrongerTogether #FiAENC #fiaencgreenville #findmeatfia #fiafaces

Don't be a Grinch!

Don't be a Grinch

November 26th, 2022

Q - Murph


Spike, Ginger Spice, Digger, Captain Hook, Volunteer, & Hot Wheels


  • Stretch

The thing

One minute of work, 20 seconds of rest. Three rounds.

  • Grinch Squats (jump squat, turn, hands on hips, belly out)

  • The Max March (march in place, turning side to side)

  • Cindy-Lou Lunge Right (knee to the ground, point toes, swing arms)

  • Whoville Hops (side to side, high knees, shuffle) (or skaters)

  • Mt. Crumpit Climbers (mountain climbers)

  • Christmas Tree Stealing (jumping jacks - hands up and out)

  • Mean and Green (quick feet jump, pause on 3, hand shuffle pause)

  • Grinch Chimney Sweep (side to side dodge squat)

  • Cindy-Lou Lunge Left (knee to the ground, point toes, swing arms)


    "I'm all toasty inside" - The Grinch.

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