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Date: 8/10/2020
Q: Hobbit
PAX: Bad Wolf, Clutch, Hotwheels, Hurricane, Cha-Cha, Ginger Spice
Ended with Pax Choices Arms Tabata

Super Sweaty Saturday


Q: Hot Wheels 

PAX: Ringmaster, Twerk, Gilbert, Trip, Blue Angel, Murph 

Quick warm up then did the thang: 

Ran the middle of the loop (parking to volleyball courts)

10 reps 3 sets 

Dumbbell overhead press

Bent over row 

Tricep extension 

Upright row 

Run the middle of the loop (parking to volleyball courts)

 3 sets 

10 step back lung/side 

10 fire hydrant/side 

10 donkey kicks /side 

10 squat jumps 

Core  x 3 

10 weighted full sit up 

10 leg raise w lift 

10 reverse with leg lift 

10 side crunch/ side

1 minute of burpees

Everyone rocked it! The air was so still and the sweat was flying! 

Great work! 

2 New Qs & Burpee's Evil Twin

2 new Qs, Brit and Murph, joined Half Pint for a total body Tabata workout.

Date: August 1 2020

Pax: Major Payne, Wedding Singer, Ginger Spice, Blue Angel, Hurricane, Volunteer, Paint it Purple, A.D.,Gilbert

Warm up=Butt kicks, high knees, jumping jacks, arm circles

Run to second intersection and back

Three Tabata sets 50 sec work/ 10 sec rest x 2

Arms - led by Brit

  • Bicep curls

  • Push ups 

  • Shoulder press

  • Tricep extension

  • Arm raises (front and side)

Run to second intersection 

Core- led by Murph

  • Plank shoulder taps

  • Leg raises

  • Mountain climbers 

  • Bicycle crunches 

  • Russian twist

Lower body - led by Half Pint

  • Single leg dead lifts (do other leg 2nd round)

  • Lunges w/ weight

  • Rolling squat (aka "Burpee's evil twin")

  • Weighted bridge

  • KB swings 

We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong ...

Good at the Core

Date: July 16th, 2020

Q: Spinner

Pax: Ginger Spice, Creed, Preach, Volunteer, Wedding Singer, Traverse, Twinkle Toes, Buzz, Major Payne

The Thang:

Warm up:

20 high knees 

20 standing side crunches 

20 jumping jacks 

Run/weighted walk two loops

AMRAP: 30 minutes. We did 8 rounds as a group 

20 triple crunches 

20 around the worlds

20 seated circles 

20 ankle taps

20 alternating toe touches 

20 flutter kicks 

20 scissor kicks 

1 loop run/weighted walk 

Happy Hour

Wednesday 7/29/2020
Q: Hot Wheels
Pax: Ghirardelli, Blue Angel, Flower, Volunteer -Respect, Gilbert, Murph, Wedding Singer, Ginger Spice, Preach- Respect

Did a quick warmup

AMRAP 10 minutes 
5 burpees 
10 planks weighted crossovers 
15 sit ups with weight over head 
20 squats 

AMRAP 10 minutes 10/side
20donkey kicks 
20side lunges 
20calf raises
20second squat hold 

AMRAP 10 Minutes 
15reverse crunch 
15starfish crunch 
15sit ups 
15 spider mans 

COT- Name o Rama 
Ended with a simple statement.
Make smart choices 

It’s only a minute!

What a beautiful morning!!!  
Pax: APR, Smacknally, Triumph, Mike’s Way, Volunteer (respect)
Q: Caliente 

We warmed up and got started.

We did 50 sec work 10 sec rest, 2 rounds 


High knees

Reverse lunges


Bicep curls

Mountain climbers 

Donkey kicks

Side lunges

Tricep extensions

Front kicks

Upright row

Plank jacks

Shoulder press

Speed skaters



Ab circuit 1 minute each  


Russian twists 


Bicycle crunches

COT, name-o-Rama, and prayer.
We celebrated Volunteer getting 20 workouts this month!!  Congratulations!!

Solo Dora

July 27 Paramore 6pm