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Fab Abs


May 19, 2022

Q - Heavy J

PAX - Hot Tub, Veggie, Sherlock


Warm up

Workout – Easy No-Jumping Moves (Do each move for 30 seconds)

·      -Power Knees, standing (both sides)

·      -Oblique Crunch, standing (both sides)

·      -Cross Kicks

·      -Squat Kicks

·      -Jab and Bounce

·      -Core Rollup

·      -Plank Shoulder Taps

·      -Bird Dog

·      -Fire Hydrant (both sides)

·      -Push up

·      -Wall Sit


·      -Heels to Heaven

·      -Flutter Kicks

·      -V sits

·      -Hip Dips (both sides)

·      -Cherry Pickers

·      -Dolly (legs out and in 6” above ground)

·      -Vertical Leg Crunch

·      -Penguins

·      -Dirty Girls

(Repeat all)

Stretch: Cat/Cow, Back Extension, Hamstring Stretch, Figure 4

Deck of Cards

 Q ~ Survivor

Pax ~ Nugget, Ginger Spice, Volunteer, Wedding Singer, Queso, Mud Pie, Blue Angel, Lemonade, Derby, Inked, Murphy, Shocker (FNG), Butterfly (FNG)

Warm Up and Walk/Run the Loop

Round 1 

Diamond - bicep curl

Heart - jumping jacks

Club - tricep extension or kick back

Spade - shoulder press

Round 2

Diamond - dirty girls

Heart - crunches

Club - superwomen

Spade - penguins

Number of Reps:

Numbered Cards 1 -10

Jack - 11

Queen - 12

King - 13

Ace -14

Joker - 1 minute Plank