Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Q:  Ginger Spice

PAX:  Cheegan, Chicken Pot Pie (2.0), Blue Angel, Wedding Singer

After a quick warm up, we started our workout.  It was a cold moght so I promised to keep everyone moving.


100 push ups

200 crunches

300 squats

While partner runs to first cone and does 1 burpee and then to 2nd code for 2 burpees and then to the 3rd cone for 3 burpees then back.

Part 2

30 calf raises

30 Imperial walkers

30 squat jumps

Run x3

30 penguins

30 heels to heaven

30 flutter kicks

Run x3

3 minute plank

COT, Name O Rama

Thanks Ladies!!

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