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Never Miss a Monday

Solo Dora. The ladies did an awesome job tonight!!
Just a random quote: Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.
Albert Einstein


Turkey Burner

 Q ~ Survivor

Pax ~ Spike, Hurricane, Clutch, Ginger Spice, Blue Angel, Chicken Pot Pie (2.0), Bad Wolf, Wedding Singer, Hot Wheels

The Thang

Town Common Workout

Such a fun morning at the Town Common with Kazoo,  Spike, Hurricane,  Britt, Wedding Singer and Repunzel!  Y'all the Town Common is where it's at!  Yes, we did workout and not just play on the playground!   Hope to see you soon!  #bettertogether

Pulse Those Arms

 Q: Bad Wolf

Pax: Wedding Singer, Traverse, Ginger Spice, Clutch, Survivor 

Warm Up: 

                10 Windmills (in cadence)

                Butt Kicks

                High Knees

                Arm Circles (front & back)

The Thang: 

Round 1: 10 Regular & 5 Pulses per exercise

Round 2: 20 Regular & 10 Pulses per exercise

Round 3: 10 Regular & 5 Pulses per exercise

Lunge to Fence & Run Back

Full Bicep Curls

Bicep Curls Halfway Up

Bicep Curls Halfway Down

Bicep Pulses

Side Shuffle to Fence & Back

Shoulder Presses

Side Raises

Front Raises

Skip to Fence & Back

Overhead Triceps 

Tricep Kickbacks

Hammer Curls

Single Arm Rows

Finished with a minute of Cat/Cow & Mermaid Yoga Moves

Daily Quote: 

You don't get the a** you want by sitting around on it! 

We Have a Situation!!!

The Chronicles of Paramore Park Chapter 422.  Thanks for coming out Spike, Wedding Singer and Traverse.  Lots of fun and laughs were had by everyone.  And the picture of the moon was not the only moon spotted tonight!  🤣🤣🤣

Legs ~ Arms ~ Abs 11.12.21

 Q ~ Survivor

Pax ~ Hot Wheels, Ginger Spice, Wedding Singer, & Spike

The Thang ~ 

* Warm Up

* 3 laps around parking lot

11/11 Full Body Workout

 Date: 11/11/2021

Q - Heavy J

PAX - Volunteer, Veggie, Hot Tub


Warm up and then run the loop (soldier jacks)

Round 1 (1 min for each exercise)

- squat floor touches

- speedy step ups on curb 

- mountain climbers

- speed skaters

 Then grapevine down to the sign and back

 Round 2 (1 min for each exercise)

- schwarzeneggers (weights)

- flys (weights)

- forward punches

- hallelujahs

 Then skip

 Round 3 (1 min for each exercise)

- standing side crunch

- Dolly

- dirty girls

- superman

 Then side shuffle

 Run the loop

 11s – big girl situps and defenders



Never Miss a Monday

 Never Miss  a Monday 

November 1, 2021

Q Hot Wheels 

PAX Ginger Spice, Bad Wolf, Clutch, Ninja,  Red Velvet , Spike 

Warm up was a lap around the path