The RBG workout 9/23/20 Paramore Park

Warm up - fun little dance to September (the Version featured in the trolls movie!)


30 donkey kicks (15 ES)
30 fire hydrants (15 ES)
30 kneeling roundhouse kicks (15 ES) - pic in comments on how this should look

15 Chest press
15 Chest fly
15 Seated cable row

1 minute plank
30 second right side
30 second left side 

support-wall/chair is recommended but not required for the next two
30 assisted 1 leg squat (15 ES) (alternative option 30 squats)
30 knee raise and leg swing (15 ES) - pic in comments for how this should look(alternative option standing crunches 15 ES)
30 lunges (15 each side)

15 bicep curls 
15 shoulder presses 
15 tricep extensions 


Weighted walk around the loop 

Stretched it out. Finished with a quote and picture.

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