Burn, Baby, Burn

Q:  Ginger Spice
PAX:  Geraldeli, VonTrap, Twinkle Toes, Wedding Singer, Murph, Alto, Trip, Roadblox(2.0), Gilbert, Preach (Respect)

Warm Up:
Run the straight away
10 jumping jacks
10 squat pulses
10 toy soldiers

Circuit 1 (6 minutes)
40 push ups
20 second plank

Circuit 2 (6 minutes)
40 weighted squats
20 second squat hold

Cardio Blast (3 minutes)
10 squats jumps
10 cross punches
10 touch jumps

Circuit 3 (6 minutes)
40 bicep curls to shoulder presses
20 second bicep hold

Circuit 4
40 scarecrows
20 second hold

COT.  Every PAX had to describe themselves with one word.  The word had to start with tbe first letter of their FiA name.

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