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Go ahead and put Baby in the corner- she can dance anywhere!

Q: Ghirardelli

Pax: Cha-Cha, Gilbert, Ginger Spice, Hot Wheels, Hurricane, Longhorn, Macaroni 2.0, Miami, Semi-sweet (Respect), Trip, VonTrap, Wedding Singer, Carol (FNG-Tex Mex)




Warm Up: 10 JJ IC, 10 Butt Kicks IC, and 10 High Knees IC


1st Corner: 2X- 20 Bicep Curls, 20 Overhead Presses, 20 Tricep Curls


Mosey to 2nd Corner


2nd Corner: 2X- 22 Mt. Climbers on Steroids, 22 Monkey Humpers, 22 JJ with Toe Touch


Mosey to 3rd Corner


3rd Corner: 2X- 24 Broad Jumps (with 4 steps back in place), 24 Plank Jacks, 24 squats with twist


Mosey to 4th Corner


4th Corner: 1X due to time- 26 Side Lunges with three high knees in center, 26 Back Lunges with a kick in the center, 26 Front Lunges with Kick in the back (watch your balance)


Mosey to Home Base for Abs- 20 Up and Outs, 20 Up and V, 20 (1:1) Apple Pickers, 20 Crunches, and 20 Russian Twists


After stretching, we named an FNG- Welcome, Tex Mex to our Tribe! 


A reflection from Ghirardelli- We have to create a Culture of Care! In the past, when someone was going through something, we were taught not to get involved, that it was none of our business, and that "people should not air their dirty laundry". Today, we need to be courageous enough to get involved when someone is displaying signs of depression and/or anxiety so we can get them the help they need. People do not seek counseling or therapy due to negative stereotypes, causing them to fear what people might think of them if they go to talk to someone... or worse, they fear people will judge them for being diagnosed and/or taking prescription medication. This fear keeps them from getting the help they need; but if more people were willing to approach someone who is hurting and encourage them to at least start with counseling so they can talk to someone about their feelings and the unhealthy choices they are making, they can at least start the process of learning how to cope with the issues they are struggling with and learn how to make healthier choices that will finally help them heal.

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