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New Year’s Day 2020

These ladies came out to get the year started!!  I was so happy to see each of them pull in the parking lot tonight!! 
Q: Caliente Pax: Ginger Spice, Ghiradelli, Wedding Singer
Warm upH- 5 burpeesA- 10 crunchesP- 10 squatsP- 10 squatsY- 20 high knees
N- 10 triceps E- 30 sec squat holdW- 10 lunges
Y- 20 high knees 
E- 30 sec squat holdA- 10 crunchesR- 30 sec plank

The thang:
We did 20 reps of 20 exercises x 2 rounds!


Bicep curls


Russian twists 


Overhead press

Calf raises


Star jumps


Donkey kicks 


High knees


Side leg lifts

Plank 20 sec

Speed skaters

Alt lat/front raises

Sumo squats

Flutters IC

Stretch and COT.

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