Never Miss a Monday

6pm at Paramore
Pax- Hobbit, Half pint, Hot wheels, Pivot, Dotty

We started off the chilling night with tons of layers but that didn't last long! 
We did arm circles, butt kickers and high knees the  went on a 10 minute warm-up run!

We came back and knocked out a few Amraps
7 minutes each group

5 Burpees 
10 Push ups
15 Mountain climbers

5 squats 
10 Smurf Jack's
15 Reverse crunches

5 Tuck jumps
10 bycicle crunch
15 speed skaters

Better together kettle bell swings
- everyone crunches while each pax takes a turn running to the kettlebell and swinging it 10 times 

One min plank


"Don't be afraid to start over. You're not starting from scratch, you're starting from experience."

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