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Happy Hour!!

January 15, 2020
Q- Ginger Spice
PAX: Half Pint, Pivot, Dotty, Cheegan, Lil'Sabastian, Jumping Bean (2.0), Twinkle Toes, Cookie, Hot Wheels, Wedding Singer, Traverse, Blue Angel

We got to enjoy another unseasonably warm January evening and took full advantage of being able to workout in short sleeves and tank tops.  Winter will be back soon!

Warm Up

The Thang
50 lunges 
Run to the fence
40 squats 
Run back to home base
30 Burpees
Run back to the fence
20 Push ups
Run back to home base
10 Broad jumps

Do calf raises until everyone finishes

Arms (25 of each)
Back flies 
Upright rows
Scarecrow extensions 
Chicken Wings
Front Extensions 

Abs (25 of each)
Big girl sit ups 
Bicycle crunches
1 minute plank

Finish up with doing 90 seconds of this month's challenge- sit ups, push ups or running. 

Name O Rama, COT

Thanks for coming out!!

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