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Sunrise at 7am 🌤️

Q- Sketch
Pax- Yankee, Blue Angel, Cheagan, Ginger Spice
Location- BLP
Date- 1/25
We started out the misty morning with a run around the loop  and then came back to know out a great workout!

Belly blaster:
10 big girl sit-ups
20 defenders
30 flutter kicks
40 second plank 
50 Russian twists
60 apple pickers
70 dirty girls
80 penguins
90 standing side crunch
100 crunches

Arms (first round was sets of 20 and second round was sets of 5 due to time)
-rotating scarecrows
- bicep curls to overhead press
- push-ups
- tricep dips with alternating arm reach

Legs (2 rounds of 40 sets or 20each leg)
-lunge front kick
-Outer donkey kicks
-Inner donkey kicks
-Sumo pulse squats
-Calf raises

We stretched and ended with a quote "live in the moments that consume your heart and mind, but be distracted by the music from the leaves, birds, wind, sun and people" - Val Uchendu

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