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Upper Body tabata

Q: lil Sebastian Pax: sketch, ginger spice, mud pie, half pint, pivot, hobbit, volunteer (respect), blueprint (FNG), ghirardelli
Warm up: high knees, arm circles forward and back, toy soldiers 
The thang: All Tabata 45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest


Jumping jacks

Shoulder press


Lateral raises


Free throws

Hammer curls

Bicep curls

Tricep overheads 

Mountain climbers


Reverse flies

Tricep kickback

Front raise 
(Made it through the first 2 sets twice)

Run to fence and back 


V Ups

Heels to heaven 

Flutter kicks 


Russian twists 


Frog sit ups 

Dirty girls  

Circle of trust, name-o-rama, quote, and a picture 

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