Red, White, and Blue

Thursday, July 2nd 6 pm
Q: lil Sebastian 
PAX: cheegan, ringmaster, ginger spice, volunteer, spinner, creed
We started with a quick warm up then did the thang.Tabata - 50 seconds work (for the 50 stars on the flag) and 13 seconds rest (for the 13 stripes)R - reverse crunches E - explosive plank jacks D - donkey kicks 
W - wall sitH - high knees I - imperial walkersT - tricep dips E - elbow to knees (standing)
B - bridges L - little baby crunches U - up and down planks E - eagle sit ups 
11sJustice jumping jacks Stars and Stripes squats (Which are normal JJs and squats with theme appropriate names! Haha)
Wrapped up with a walk/run around the loop.
Finished with a quote and a picture!

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