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It’s so hot

7/20/20 6pm
Q: lil Sebastian 
Pax: Volunteer (respect), Ginger Spice, Ghiradelli, Murph, Wedding Singer, Hurricane, Hot Wheels, ChaCha (FNG), Twinkle Toes, Preach (respect)

It was extremely hot today. Heat index was 109 at the end of the workout 🥵🥵

So at the start, I did the normal announcement of 
I’m not a professional and modify as needed and also advised everyone to take additional breaks if needed and stay hydrated. We stayed in the shade and were fortunate to have a bit of a breeze. 

The thang:

We did a cardio HIIT workout so we started the first set with lower impact cardio to get warmed up.

45 Seconds Active, 15 Rest

Up & Over Steps

High Knee Pulls

Deadlift + Twist (bend to table top, stand up twist one way, bend to table top twist the other way)


3 count Butt Kicker Drops to squat

Smurf Jacks

Side lunge with toe touch


Plank Jack 

Countdown Squats (4 counts up 4 counts down)

High Knee Twists (elbow to knee)


90 second water break

Toy Soldiers

Center Hop Pushes (basically skaters and actively push arm out)

Dumbbell Chops (one side)


Jumping Jacks

Lateral Hops + Knee (curtsy lunge, bring knee up)

Dumbbell Chops (other side)


Alternating Lunge + Twist

Lat Pulldown + Standing Row (curtsy lunge)

2 twists + knee


Stretched it out 

We named an FNG! Wished ghiradelli a happy birthday! Did name-o-Rama and finished with a picture and a quote!


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