Happy Hour

Wednesday 7/29/2020
Q: Hot Wheels
Pax: Ghirardelli, Blue Angel, Flower, Volunteer -Respect, Gilbert, Murph, Wedding Singer, Ginger Spice, Preach- Respect

Did a quick warmup

AMRAP 10 minutes 
5 burpees 
10 planks weighted crossovers 
15 sit ups with weight over head 
20 squats 

AMRAP 10 minutes 10/side
20donkey kicks 
20side lunges 
20calf raises
20second squat hold 

AMRAP 10 Minutes 
15reverse crunch 
15starfish crunch 
15sit ups 
15 spider mans 

COT- Name o Rama 
Ended with a simple statement.
Make smart choices 

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