Short, Long, Longest

Q: lil Sebastian 
PAX: dottie, pivot, hurricane, hobbit, twinkle toes, wedding singer, sketch, mud pie, ginger spice, britt, volunteer (respect), cookie, gridlock, cheegan
Friendly New GUY 2.0 - my nephew, Kaden joined us but disappeared before the picture. He was given the name Springs!

I like to end my Qs with a quote and today, I was having a bad afternoon and in my feelings and found this...So instead of ending with it, I started with it and asked the PAX to share their joys while we did our planks! It was such a mood booster to hear the good things going on in everyone’s lives! Thank you ladies again for sharing your joys with me!

Warm up: get moving, high knees, toy soldiers, arm circles, stretch 

The Thang:
This workout was inspired by FiA Cherokee! I kept the format the same but switched some of the exercises! It was a good, sweaty one!
So we did this tabata style. First exercise 30 seconds (short), second 45 seconds (long), third 60 seconds (longest), then a 60 second plank. 5 second break between each exercise and 15 second break after the plank.
Pushups/shoulder press/bicep curls/plank
Monkey humpers/jump squats/lunges/plank
Toe touches/defenders/LBCs/plank
Jumping jacks/butt kickers/jump rope/plank
Hallelujahs/squats/Russian twists/plank 

We made it through twice. All these AMAZING PAX did 10 - 1 minute planks! ROCKSTARS!

Stretched it out. 
Finished with a picture.

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