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"Run, Forrest, Run!" Full Body HIIT Workout

 The Q: Curly 

The PAX: Volunteer, Smacknally, Muscadine, Heavy J, and Curly 


Warm-up of arm circles, side lunges, high knees, butt kickers, and cat/cow stretch 

Directions- Everyone does the following workout together, except for one member who runs a lap (30-60 sec. dependent on speed). When the member returns, the group can stop to rest for 10 sec. before moving to the next workout. The next member in rotation proceeds to run a lap and this continues until all 14 movements have been completed. Movements should be done with high intensity/high reps 


1) 2 Side Steps followed by a Burpee, do this continuously moving from left to right on your mat 

2) Alternating butt kickers and high knees while moving up and down the mat. Do one or the other for the length of the mat and so fourth... 

3) Bring your heel to your opposite hand, alternating sides

4) Moving/walking plank, do this continuously moving side to side across your mat 

5) Jump Rope (choose your style) 

6) Alternating high knees, 2 on the left followed by 2 on the right continuously 

7) Alternating Oblique high knees (your knee should be lifted to your side plane, as opposed to in front of you, therefore, opening up the hips, engaging your obliques and engaging the glute), 2 on the L and 2 on the R

8) Mountain climbers 

9) Jumping Jacks, alternating forward and backward jumps to create a "X" with your feet 

10) "Quick feet", running place with alternating moving back and fourth across an imaginary line of your mat 

11) High knees with arms extended straight up, alternating every 5 sec. to arms extended out to either side 

12) Side step around your mat clockwise, as if making your way around a box, and jump at each "point" of the box. Incorporate a squat as you side step for higher intensity 

13) Alternating high knee and fist pump into the sky, opposite sides 

14) Jump jacks with a forward kick, alternating legs 

End with an "Ab Tabata"

20 secs on, 10 secs off for 4 cycles (1 cycle= 20 sec. of one move, rest, 20 sec. of next move) for a total of 2 min. 

planks and crunches 

20 secs on, 10 secs off for 2 cycles (1 cycle= 20 sec. of one move, rest, 20 sec. of next move, etc. until you have done all four moves) for a total of 2 min. 

big girl sit-ups, heels to the sky, penguins, and spider mans 


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