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I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 32!

March 9, 2020Q: Lil Sebastian Pax: mud pie, queso, ghirardelli, hurricane, bad wolf, dottie, volunteer (respect), ewok, sketch, bueller, boss baby, blueprint, river rat (respect) (FNG), clutch, ginger spice, hot wheels, cork (FNG)
We were all happy to have daylight back and good weather! We had a large group of awesome ladies, including 2 FNGs!
Warm up - We started the workout with our balance exercises to get our 3 minutes in for the March challenge!

Hip stretches (bend over, bend knee, switch)

Crossbody balance (leg back opposite arm out)

Pointed toe balance (calf raise) - close eyes if just balancing seemed too easy 

Leg point and reach (leg out and back)

Knee cross (bent knee cross arms opposite direction)

Single leg balance - arms out, left, right, both 

Hip rolls Arm circles 

The thang - I turned 32 yesterday, so we did 10 different exercises with 32 reps! Thanks for helping me celebrate! 

32 squats

32 bicep curls 

32 lunges (16 each side)

32 tricep dips or overhead tricep ext

32 Mountain Climbers (1-1)

32 donkey kicks (16 each side)

32 plank touch opposite shoulder (16 each side)

32 penguins (1-1)

32 dirty girls

32 chest press 

1 minute wall sit
Made it through twice!

Weighted walk around the loop or run the loop 2x
Stretched it out.
Finished with naming 2 FNGs, a quote, and a picture!https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1hLrFESOg9IUNcORXZWgV_y0NGpfIM89Khttps://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1iNfCCbzEmAITD1TJP_q4p60FXo5evsD0

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