Short, long, longest tabata

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Q: lil Sebastian 

PAX: ginger spice, kazoo, creed, twerk, hobbit, wedding singer, ghiradelli, twinkle toes, major payne

Started with a quick warm up. Then did the thang:“short, long, longest” tabata workout!

First exercise was 30 seconds, second was 45 seconds, third was 60 seconds, and then a 60 second plank or wall sit. 10 seconds rest between each exercise and 20 seconds after the plank/wall sit. (Example: 30 sec push ups, 10 sec rest, 45 sec shoulder press, 10 sec rest, 60 sec bicep curls, 10 second rest, 60 sec plank or wall sit, 20 sec rest, 30 sec dirty girls, etc....)

We made it through all the exercises twice but skipped the last 2 planks/wall sits due to time. 

Everyone rocked it! Since no one had to keep count, we enjoyed conversation, which ranged widely from house buying and dogs to mom groups and documentaries! 

We stretched it out, did name-o-rama, and ended with a quote and a picture!

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