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June 22, 2024

Q - Murph

The Pax: 

    Wedding singer, Volunteer (respect), and Murph


Stretch - over the fence (forward and back), arms circle, arm holds,, good mornings, legs, and neck (5 minutes)


The thing: 

10 exercises, one minute each, no rest until the end of the set (1 minute). X4 times. 32 minutes total

Overhead DB hold with high knee left

Overhead DB hold with high knee right

DB slide down left

DB slide down right

Over DB toe tap left

Over DB toe tap right

DM pass under the leg crunch

Teeter with DB

Trunk twist

Jumping jack crunch

Extra credit: Partner mirror

30 synchronized deadlifts

20 synchronized sit-ups

10 synchronized plank claps (20 total)

Cool Down:


Quote: You’re the reason why people believe in beautiful souls, kind hearts, and good energy, You’re the reason why people feel better about themselves. Never stop being you. You’re making a difference in this world. - Kelly Webb

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