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Countdown to New Year Part 2

New Year Countdown
Dec 28, 2023
Q: Murph

The Pax: Volunteer (respect), Babe, Clutch, Ninja, and Murph


Two down and back

50 jumping jacks & 5 burpees

40 jumping jacks & 4 burpees

30 jumping jacks & 3 burpees

20 jumping jacks & 2 burpees

10 jumping jacks & 1 burpees

The thing:

100 squats

90 crunch

    Run/walk down and back

80 around the world squat thrust

70 Russian twist

    Run/walk down and back

60 around the world lunge

50 bird dog 

    Run/walk down and back

40 frog leaps (ground touch jump)

30 monkey humpers

    Run/walk down and back

20 push up

10 skydivers *

* This works the glutes. Lay on your stomach like Superman. Turn your feet out. Raise knees as high as possible.

Quote: “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time” - Thomas Edison.

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