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10-min circuit

10-min Circuit

January 26th 2023

Q - Murph

The PAX: Digger (Respect), Bad Wolf, Hot Wheels, Wedding Singer, Rapunzel 


Arm circles, good mornings, good evenings, butt kicks, over the fence (backward and forward).

The Thing

10 min circuit - 2X

  1. Jump Rope - 1 min

  2. Star Jumps - 30 sec

  3. Mountain Climbers - 1 min

  4. Push-ups - 30 sec

  5. Jump Lunges - 1 min

  6. Overhead squats (weight optional) - 1 min

  7. Squat hold with weight - 30 sec

  8. Jump Lunges - 1 min

  9. High Knee Jumps - 30 sec

  10. Plank - 1 min

  11. Crunches - 1 min

  12. High knee - 1 min

Run a down and back between each set.

Cool Down - Stretch


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