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The Return of Bad Wolf


  1. The PAX in attendance

  2. The THANG (the details of the workout)

Q: Bad Wolf

PAX: Clutch, Red Velvet, Wedding Singer, Traverse


Warm Up: 

Jumping Jacks

Arm Circles

Run the field

Stretches (1 min each) 

Overhead Arm Reach

Child's Pose

Cat Cow

The Thang

-1 Minute per exercise; 10 sec rest in between 


*Mountain Climbers




*Jumping Jacks

Rear Delt Row (row but arms at 90 degrees)


Shoulder Shrugs (count to 3 shrug up, palms up)

*High Knees

Upright Row

*Butt Kicks

Underhand Bent Over Rows (rows with palms facing out)



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