Welcome to FiA ENC Greenville!

Thanks so much for checking out FiA ENC Greenville! We are a community of women who meet for free, peer lead workouts and so much more. Workouts are free and open to all women of any shape, size, fitness level, race, religion, etc. Whatever stage of fitness or life you are at, FiA is here to support and provide a completely judgement free zone! Please check out more about our region here, and our weekly schedule is here!

The ABC'S of FiA

After almost 9 weeks away from each other, we finally met face to face and it was so good to see each other:

PAX:  Paint it Purple, Hurricane, AD, Wedding Singer, Mudpie, Queso, Volunteer (RESPECT), Hot Wheels, Half Pint, Hobbit, Blue Angel, Smacknally

After a quick warm up, we got down to the ABC's of FiA.
Do each exercise for 1 minute, 10 sec rest in between.
A arm circles 
B bicep curls 
C crunches
D dead lifts
Run/walk 5 minutes
E elevator squats
F fire hydrants
G goblet squats
H high knees
Run/Walk 4 minutea
I imperial walkers
J jumping jacks
K kicks (front)
L lunges (walking)
Run/walk 3 minutes
M merkins aka push ups
N nothing - 1 minute break
O obliques - standing side to side
P plank
Run/ Walk 2 minutes
Q quick/fast feet
R reverse fly
S squats with overhead press
T tricep extension
U upright rows
Run/walk 1 minute
V v-sits aka defenders 
W wall sit
X x-abs aka scissor kicks
Z zen aka stretching 

Thanks for coming out this morning and welcome back!  

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