Never Miss a Monday

4/20/2020 @6pm
Q- Sketch
Pax- wedding singer, hurricane, magic hat, Hobbit, hot wheels, Ghirardelli, clutch, Care Bear, volunteer, ginger Spice
The day may have started out drizzling and dreary but it ended with sunshine and smiles! 

Warm up

-Move then hold- (1 min, 2xs through)
*Bridge alternate toe then knee touch and alternate legs
*Hold a reverse plank with legs extended strait
*donkey kick then pulse and alternate legs
*hold traditional plank
*4 mountain climbers (1:2) then squat back
*hold standing sumo squat
*standing side crunch alternate with cross crunch alternate sides
*hold chair pose

-Arms- (30 seconds, 2 xs through)
*Dumbbell punches
*tight arm circles
*tricep dips or extensions
*weighted front raise
*weighted side raise
*standing rows

-Abs- (1 min)
*Reverse crunches
*v sit hold with arm pulse
*Reverse plank leg drop with pulse 
*other leg

*2 step sideways squat walkthen stand to calf raise (repeat back and forth)
*Jack jacks ( jumping jack to plank jack)
*Jump rope

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