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Pulse Those Arms

 Q: Bad Wolf

Pax: Wedding Singer, Traverse, Ginger Spice, Clutch, Survivor 

Warm Up: 

                10 Windmills (in cadence)

                Butt Kicks

                High Knees

                Arm Circles (front & back)

The Thang: 

Round 1: 10 Regular & 5 Pulses per exercise

Round 2: 20 Regular & 10 Pulses per exercise

Round 3: 10 Regular & 5 Pulses per exercise

Lunge to Fence & Run Back

Full Bicep Curls

Bicep Curls Halfway Up

Bicep Curls Halfway Down

Bicep Pulses

Side Shuffle to Fence & Back

Shoulder Presses

Side Raises

Front Raises

Skip to Fence & Back

Overhead Triceps 

Tricep Kickbacks

Hammer Curls

Single Arm Rows

Finished with a minute of Cat/Cow & Mermaid Yoga Moves

Daily Quote: 

You don't get the a** you want by sitting around on it! 

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