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Lower Body Burn

Lower Body Burn

June 22, 2023

Q - Murph

The Pax: Ginger Spice (Respect), Mud Pie Jr, Glamour, Hot Wheels, & Murph


Arm circles, good mornings, over the fence (backward and forward), calf raises.

The Thing 

1 min - alternating high knee lift (march)

1 min - high knee jog

1 min - butt kicks

30 jacks (feet only)

20 double jacks (2 out, 2 in - feet only)

30 basic jacks

15 deep squats (slow)

30-deep squat pulse (stay low)

15 jump squat (hand reach and touch floor)

20 right-leg calf raise

50 right-leg calf hops

20 left-leg calf raise

50 left-leg calf hops

30 stationary lunges

30 stationary lunge pulse

30-sec stationary lunge pulse right

30-sec stationary lunge pulse left

15 adductor squats (feet and knees together)

30 sec - sumo squat low, raise heels, pulse

8 alternating forward lunges (16 total)

8 alternating forward lunges + 2 squat 

(R, L, S, S - 16 total)

1 min wall sit

1 min 4 high knees and 2 squats

1 min butt kicks

1 min in & out (knees to chest, then out)

1 min Russian twist

If time permits

Pax choice or walk the walkway


On your own


“Hold the vision, trust the process.” —Unknown.

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